Steve Fossett – Rest In Peace

I am pleased that they have found the wreckage site of this courageous man’s plane. I am sad that it has finally be confirmed that he is now dead, but I hope the British press that thought the whole thing was a way to start a new life, hide some ‘past’ that wasn’t there in his life issue him and his family an apology. Who can now lay him at rest.

The press over here aren’t much better, Nicole Kidman has already said that while she would like her new baby Sunday Rose to have an Australian upbringing as much as they can, the cameras that keep following them around make it impossible. What is the difference with the Paps over here, is that get right up against the slebs, whereas with trying to get baby photos in the USA they are happy to get long range photos. The ‘news’ in Australia is so trashy, they have a huge area to cover, but as soon as someone has died, there was a child who couldn’t get out of a burning house last week, and somehow the news crews are always there showing the ambulance men wheeling the body away. It is horrible, totally unnecessary and something that has ensured that we only watch SBS World News hour. I hate the press for twisting people’s words to fit what they want, say what viewpoint they want to say – not what people actually said, when they actually said it.

I am watching the VP debate, really interesting – she is constantly repeating herself, Senator Biden is wiping the floor with her, he is much better briefed, can string a sentance together, doesn’t grin at the cameras, simper about being a Hockey Mom and in the middle of it she admitted she has only being doing this for 5 weeks. Well so has Biden, but what he has got that Palin hasn’t is 20 odd years in the Senate, has been very vocal on foreign policy and healthcare for familys. I am recording it for DG, but only remembered to record it halfway through, dammit.

What do you think..?

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