Hello Folks

Just a quickie today to say that I am doing some work from home for a couple of days, then off to New South Wales (just inside it) to Berrigan It is their race meet, so Matt invited us up as the town swells in numbers, we are taking a picnic, and ironically it is … More Hello Folks

I can’t think of a title for this one, so will start off wittering at you and see what, if anything, comes to me at the end. I am fully aware that I may have sounded really quite cross on the past two blogs, and I am sorry if I caught some of you unawares … More

Chiro follow up

I have just got back from seeing Antoinette for my second visit. I don’t have a scoliosis, my muscles are just pulling me out of shape – so that is a relief, however she does think that one of my vertebrae near my sacrum is fused, but she thinks that it maybe a congenital defect … More Chiro follow up

Ch ch chilly

Flippin heck it was cold this morning, Dan departed for work in his beany, I had to have the heating on, now I am sat here in a vest top! Talk about four seasons in one day that Melbourne is famous for. As I said in an email today, I think it is an English … More Ch ch chilly


I will let you know about the weekend later, but I am just in from my walk this morning. I took Dan to work as I have errands to run in Malvern proper, so got dressed into my gym kit when I surfaced this morning. Drove home, walked back out the garage for my usual … More Ouch