Contact or not, or does anyone have two cans and a long bit of string??

I know I have been out here for a month now, but you would not believe the problems we have had getting a phone, then getting broadband. We ‘should’ be up and running on 15 Oct, that is how long it is going to take a spotty youth to put a box in a box and send the modem to us, never mind that we get parcels from the UK quicker…
So, in short – to everyone I owe emails to, to everyone I owe phone calls to, to everyone that I would like to Skype/MSN with. Hang on. And if you see my parents, could you ask them to get in contact? I am getting random texts muttering about them kite flying, but I can’t get them to settle into a seat long enough so we can have a chat. Bah.
I will now take my grumpy bum away and hoover the flat…

What do you think..?

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