Le Weekend

It is Grand Final day tomorrow, so Matty is on his way down from Berrigan to come and play, he’ll be arriving about 9ish, so I cooked a curry that is sitting festering nicely on the hob for our supper. Ross (Dan’s Dad) is coming over tomorrow, then the four of us, plus a lady friend of Matt’s (woooo) are going down to Lachy and Renee’s to watch the game. We are going to have a BBQ, or fish and chips, but something easy as the whole family will be glued to the box. It has been footy fever since I got here, with the teams playing for places in the final, the Brownlow medal awarded for ‘Best and Fairest’ player and numerous TV programmes showing too. When it is all over tomorrow evening, I don’t know what we’ll be watching, oh yes I do – cricket. I will be breaking out the cross stitch I think.

When we get back from Cranbourne, we’ll be treating Matt to dinner as it his birthday on Tuesday. We’ll no doubt stagger back home, we then have My Fair Lady on TV, the night Grand Prix, not too sure how that will work, but hopefully it will be ok. Other than that we have nothing planned, the flat is clean, we are up-to-date on the washing and ironing, so we’re all set.

I’ve had an odd day over here, I woke up grumpy, which nowadays is unusual, then couldn’t drive for love nor money, I drove home from dropping Dan off in barefoot which was better, but it was a frustrating, bunny-hopping drive in. I have put a couple of dance CDs in the car, so with the rather good sound system :D I had a whale of a time on the way home with the music rather L O U D. Funny how I don’t like the TV too loud, but bouncy bouncy music, I can’t have it loud enough. When I got home, I had a boiled egg and soldiers, a cup of green tea, then got changed into my gym kit, tucked my hair into a baseball cap and went out for a walk. I was out for an hour, and didn’t get lost – hurrah. I am slowly finding my way around, but I always take my phone with me, it has google maps on so, if I do get stuck I can navigate back home again.

Had a shower, I need to explain about this bluddy thing. For a country that is supposed to be saving water, we have two taps in the shower. Hot and Cold. Not too difficult, you wait till you come and visit. It takes at least a minute to get the temperature right, then while you are standing underneath it, the temperature changes. It isn’t as bad now, I turned the temperature down on the boiler, so it’s not f***ing hot, just scalding hot. But either way, you turn the hot tap on, 3 times, by the time you get out, you turn it off, once. Maddening, because it is only due to the landlord being so tight with money he didn’t sort it out properly.

I then navigated myself to the shops in Malvern, whizzed round and got everything but Okra and Maple Syrup (for pancakes tomorrow morning, Dan is already looking forward to them). Drove home, music on L O U D, and drove past two tweens who had just got off the tram, they grinned at me, so I must have some good taste, or they found it funny. I pity our children should we have any, they will be stuck in the 80s, 90s, then leap right through to Coldplay, poor things.

I picked Dan up from work, I also phoned my brother to wish him well on his bike ride from London to Paris. We then went into HSBC to close our account, which was made all the more satisfying when the eejit who wanted us to open two seperate accounts with $2000, each, recognised us, and looked at the screen to see what we were doing. Bwhahaha. If I had a moustache, I would be twirling it with glee…

We are now catching up on the news, they are going to show the US Presidentail debate on TV over here, which we both want to watch tomorrow, so I hope McCain turns up. I watched ‘The View’ which is an all women panel that discusses all sorts of stories, Whoopi Goldberg is on it. They were talking about if McCain doesn’t turn up, he should send Sarah Palin in his place, after all he is in 70s, she could be running the country, which really doesn’t bear thinking about in my opinion. Have you seen the Saturday Night Live skit with her and Hillary Clinton. ‘I can see Russia from my house’ I laugh every time I see it.

I could blog for ages on this topic, and I am English, living in Australia – but from last week when I was truly sick to death with the Presidential election, I can’t get enough of it now, only because of what has happened this week. More if I can hop on tomorrow, if not Sunday. I am sure you can’t wait!

You’ll be pleased to know the athlete’s foot unction worked on Dan’s mouth – roflmao!


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