I feel like I have lost a day or two this week. I have had to wait in for our phone to be connected, they didn’t turn up on Monday, cue one irate English woman being coldly polite on the phone complaining.

Yesterday they did turn up and it took all of 20 minutes to get our land line connected, so we are getting there, now we need bigpond to get our modem to us and I can wow (bore) you all with the great photos I have been taking with my new camera.

Over the weekend we had a great time, we had intended to have a lay in, but our paper was delivered and it woke us up. They roll them in cling film over here, so it is easier to throw at the house in question. The only problem is, they throw it at our big metal garage door, the whole flat shook and we shot out of bed. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Sunday one he did it with, the flat probably would have fallen over. We had a light breakfast, I had a smoothie, Dan had a bacon and egg sandwich, then went for a walk. We are getting used to the area, Dan grew up here so he knows it well, although a lot has changed obviously, but I am walking out in bigger and bigger circles and driving when I can to get used to different routes. We are looking for houses that are for sale, so we can look the prices up online later. Some are ridiculously expensive, some are ridiculously cheap, which makes you wonder what is wrong with them. We love the area, so would like to stay around here, but we need to save hard first. I also need to get a job.

People have been making all the right noises, but the spring holidays have started, so a lot of the recruiting has been put on hold for a couple of weeks. However, everyone I have spoken to says that it is only a matter of time that I get a role that suits me, I just thought I would be working by now, so I need to adjust my plans inside my head.

Back to Saturday, we had showers, got dressed in our finery and I used Sara’s make-up that she brought me as part of my going away present, surprised myself at the end result. We then hopped on the tram, tottering along in my heels out the rain and wind. Literally 5 minutes later we got off again at Caulfield race course and again tottering over a busy road we ducked inside. Dan had brought tickets for a 5 course meal at the Winning Post restaurant, we walked in the building and saw a restaurant that was off to oneside of the bar. ‘That is what I think it will be like’ said Dan. ‘I don’t, it’s going to be better than that’ our restaurant wasn’t on any of the direction signs, so I knew we were going to be a bit more exclusive. Going back out again, we asked where we needed to go, up in an Executive lift to the private box area. I was right, it was crisp white linen tablecloths and while not silver service, it was only because we were ordering all our meals individually, so they came out ready plated up.

Ashlie was our server, she was lovely and talked us through the menu, what to expect and offered us a complimentary drink. We both had a beer, then looked a bit miffed as the table next to us had champagne, bah! Dan did his best to educate me in the finer art of gambling, but you will be pleased to note that I was hopeless at it. I managed to pick every horse that just missed placing, or came last or was melted down to make glue. Dan didn’t do too well either, only collecting on two races. Just as well he had budgeted for our losing streak.

Two bottles of wine and planning a wedding later, we staggered home on the tram again. I went straight to bed, didn’t even take my make up off, woke up a couple of hours later with a hangover, how mean is that. I had some restorative tomato juice in a virgin mary, a pint of water and some chilli con carne, which we keep in emergency tin supplies for just this reason. Or when we can’t be bothered to cook.

Sunday we went to watch Collegians in their Grand Final, it is the top flight of amateur Aussie Rules, but the team they were playing had beaten them twice this season already and they were played off the park. Not that I know what I am talking about, but Dan’s friend Shane used to coach them, and he does, and he was really cross with them. They couldn’t string passes together at all. I explained to Dan that I had brought a book with me, just in case and when it was getting all too much, it was really windy again, and my back hurt from standing on a slope, I sat on the floor and started to read. We left through the 3rd quarter, as they were getting so badly beaten, it wasn’t funny.

We went shopping after the football, slowly our store cupboard is getting stocked up. Because I have been at home I have been able to cook properly, from scratch, lasagnes, curries, cheese sauces and so on. I can’t remember what I have been cooking, but Dan is loving it. I am making a pasta bake tonight, so will have to close soon to get it started.

I have been PA-ing my life too, sorting through things I haven’t looked at in years, just moved from house to house to house, and it is a lot of houses! I have cleared out a lot of stuff, prioritised things I need to do, have added all my to-do’s to my task bar and tomorrow will crack on with them. Today I went out, up to the library (so I’ve updated my list for you) to my local health food shop where I get my wheat free stuff from, she is lovely in there and remembers me each time too.

I also had a coffee in a Gloria Jean’s, watched the world go by, caught up on celebrity gossip in a trashy magazine, though I am not too sure it is accurate, but it was something to flick through. I’ve had a good day, I deliberately didn’t do anything in the flat as you know moving house, you can keep tinkering with things all day if you want to, but as I have been in for 2 days straight, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to start anything today. It’s been lovely. On the way to pick Dan up I went to Officeworks (Staples) to get some more ink for our printer and a desk lamp, this is the second lamp as the first one was broken so went back. I plugged this on in, and it didn’t light either – there is no bulb supplied with it. Bummocks. I’ll find one tomorrow.

I am off to make supper, catch you’se laters…


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