‘Simpsons in HD – it’s different!’

How? It is a cartoon? Dan is happy though, he is parked in front of it chuckling away merrily.

I am pleased to report that we have had a little man in today, who has connected the phone socket to the phone line! It also should be reported that Telstra (BT equiv, just as unhelpful) will not be in until Monday to connect us to the outside world. The broadband modem will be delivered at somepoint over the coming week too. I am not getting my hopes up until we get online, or a dialling tone – so I’ll let you know when we have contact.

It has only taken 7 weeks, 2 calls a week, umpteen emails and threatening to move.

I should report on the wedding, but will blog on the other one for you tomorrow about it, it will make you laugh though, well it made me laugh – so hopefully will tickle your funny bone too.

Not much to report today, I have applied for some more jobs, will hear from one tomorrow, am meeting a contact on Thursday, went for a walk today, went to the shops ‘Hi Maddie!’ in two of them, which is nice. I am going to go to the library tomorrow, and probably go for another walk. I was out for an hour today, and I ran a bit too. *puff* I also brought some sudafed, as I am fed up of sniffling, so the run/walk probably wasn’t a great idea, but I had to do something, I was missing the gym.



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