Bluddy hell what a mess

This is the flat generally. It is so bad, if someone pays an unexpected visit – we’re not home. I will hide in a cupboard rather than let anyone in. I am not going to take photos for you, you will just have to take my word for it.

The reason(s) behind it, we have been to IKEA, so have a Billy bookcase to assemble, this box is open and waiting for Dan, yes Dan, to wake up from his siesta – it’s not something you can do quietly, hence me typing and telling my fingers to shhh every so often if I think I am getting a bit noisy. We have made the Expedit shelves and desk, they are up in the corner of the room, but as everything that was in neat piles on the floor is now stuffed in the shelves it looks a right muddle. The bean bag, chair, footrest, coffee table and books that are waiting to go on the shelves are shoved down the other end of the living room, the breakfast bar has 3 newspapers, a lap top (this one) a glass of vino (I’ve earned it), wallet, keys, handbag (Dan’s first then mine obviously), a bowl of fruit, washing up and three loaves of bread on it. There are two empty boxes behind me ready to be broken down and taken back downstairs to the garage, the hoover is out from hoovering bits of Swedish wood up last night, he’s kept all the butchers paper as it may come in useful (!) but they are laying all over the floor, not folded up or even vaguely put away.

Never mind, it will all get tidied up when Billy is assembled, I can then faff about organising my books, Harry has made it out, although Swallows and Amazons hasn’t yet, as they don’t fit on the shelves we put together yesterday. They will be coming out later tonight though, while I was waiting for the stuff from IKEA to be delivered I started sorting it into vague piles, fiction, children’s, biography and so on. No wonder I enjoyed working at Waterstone’s so much, even before I met Colin Firth in the store *remembers that day lustily*

We have had a good day, Dan is having a lie down as he had a run before his training session and a run to finish his session, I got told off for laughing at him. I wouldn’t had there not been a man who was at least 60 beating him by miles. He is bollixed, and has been muttering about easing himself in gently, and not going training on Thursday. I have warned him that we start running this week too, so he’s got no hope of avoiding it. I am not joining a gym until I am working, so I have to do something in the meantime. I got a book out the library this week (the furthest one I joined on Monday). There is movement, I think he has given up snoozing.

Yup, he has.

I will close for now, as he is vertical I am going to get his help on Billy. More later peeps…