Coughs, sneezes and IKEA

I have either picked up something from the plane, or from the kids at the weekend as I have had a sore throat hanging around me for the past couple of days and yesterday slept half the day, but in the evening despite being shattered, was too hot to sleep. Today I had to get into the City for 08:30 to meet with PwC, which again went well and I am waiting to hear if they have anything for me. When I had finished I turned round, came back home and went back to bed with a book for company and wafted the morning and early afternoon away. I got up around 2ish, put Finding Nemo on and waited for Dan to come home. We went to IKEA and brought a desk and some shelving units so we can sort the books out. How much fun am I going to have with that? I have already sorted half the paperwork out into folders, PA your life.

I am sat here on the beanbag (I will take photos for you), sniffling and struggling to swallow, alternating between hot and cold, great fun as I am sure you will agree. Dan has put on ‘300’, and is chuntering about the picture quality on the HD TV, it does look a bit pixelated, but as the men are wandering around half naked with rippling muscles, I am not looking at the pixels.



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