Well, I have been here a week so far and it has been a good one too. I am over my jetlag, although after Dan left this morning to go to work I thought I don’t need to get up this early, went back to sleep then woke up at 11am. Not good.

On Monday I went to the ‘local’ library, a bit like me walking from Eastbourne to Hampden Park, so while I did enjoy the walk and went past the swimming pool and picked up a programme, it took me ages to get there. It is a lovely building, it is brand new, and the staff were really helpful. They don’t have WI-FI, only access to the internet through terminals you can book for an hour, so I am still no closer to parking myself somewhere for a morning and catching up on everything I need to do.

Yesterday, I went into Melbourne City Centre for an interview with KPMG, and to be tested by Hays. I am still waiting to see how I got on with the testing, but the interview went quite well, there is something she is going to put for forward for there. I am meeting PwC tomorrow morning at 08:30 (eek), and have another interview on Friday. I brought the papers today, and will hopefully be able to park myself in Australia on Collins for a couple of hours tomorrow after my interview.

Today I have joined the Carnegie library, which is a lot closer, only 5 minutes away just over the Princes Highway. I went to some shops, the grocer and butcher and so on. I am enjoying talking to the shop keepers and building up a relationship with them all. As I am the only English bird around, I am even more distinctive than normal!

Dan had cricket training last night, unlike the training in the UK where they stand around and talk mostly, he had a run! He came back pink, puffing and all hot and bothered – poor boy. I didn’t help matters by giggling at him.

I better go, I have a pasta sauce on the hob that needs stirring, I also have paperwork all over the living room. I am PA-ing our stuff, as it is in chaos until we get a desk, I brought some files, folders and a folder with clear plastic wallets for the warranties and instructions on stuff that DG and I have been buying.

What do you think..?

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