OK Peeps

This is the last blog entry from the UK.

Let me pause for a moment there….

The next time I waffle at you will either be at Hong Kong (depending on time) or in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I am:

  1. Tired out from not sleeping as it was very hot the last couple of nights
  2. Frazzled from packing, everyone gave me little presents – which added up to lots of little presents, which meant three hours of rearranging, and rearranging, taking things out, the charidee pile getting bigger, the rubbish bag getting fuller and Mum will still have to post things onto me, I will have to pay excess baggage and hope they don’t say ‘It’s not coming on’. While I am grateful, when I did my trial pack, all my clothes weighed 15.8kg. I am at 25-26kg now. Great.
  3. Supposed to be cooking dinner

So while this is brief, it is still a huge post for me. I am sorry I am not at my most eloquent for you, but normal service will be resumed when I arrive in the Southern Hemisphere. As I don’t have a job to go to, I will have more than enough time to fill you in on last week, the journey and so on.



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