Ho Hum – I am just going to witter at y’all

Goodness it is quiet at work, and there are three PAs looking after the London team at the minute. We are saving up how to do archiving for the afternoon, that’s how quiet it is.

I have been surfing a bit today, trying to find information out from other expats on a forum, driving licence info, playing Tetris and looking at Stonnington online. This is the city area we will be living in. It’s all quite exciting really, as I joined the library online today – I just need to take something in with my address on within 30 days, which should be sorted by then.

I have officially two days left at work, how the hell did that happen? As I will be getting my hair cut tomorrow over lunch and clearing my desk a bit further, plus faffing around in the office I don’t think they will last long either.

I have started collating things together in the living room ready for the packing session on Sunday. I brought a couple of boxes down with me, they are about the size of the boxes paper gets delivered in to offices. It is full, admittedly not well packed, just thrown in its general direction, but none of it was packed when I weighed my case at 15.8kg. Keep your fingers crossed for me this weekend. I hate packing at the best of times, let alone when you have to spread your undies out over your parents’ house and fend off the cat who thinks that all suitcases and random drawers are ideal to sit in or on. I love her dearly, but she is a pain in the awse.

Branston went out this morning, and was sat on one of the small shed type things Dad has in the yard, I opened the door and called her back in again – she meowed at me and came charging in. She then followed me around while I put my make up on, sitting beside me on the floor, purring like mad and blinking lovingly at me. Dad said that she really missed me last week, so he told her that it was the trial run for the real thing. Dan and I won’t be having a pet for a while, although we would both like to get a dog eventually. But we need to be living in our own house first, being a responsible tennant and all that.

I am off to do some work now, catch you all tomorrow. I can update you on Tapa Ta-Ta that we are going to tonight. I am looking forward to it.



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