What a difference a week in London and the Bank Holiday has made. When I woke up this morning, it was dark. I am on the train, heading up for my last weekly meeting at work, it has been that horrible half light so far, on our way out of Eastbourne, the rabbits weren’t even up. It took until Lewes till I saw one. The trees are starting to turn too, I noticed that on the way home from Orpington on Sunday. This summer is coming to an end, rapidly. Next Tuesday at the time of writing, I will be flying over Australia.

Wow, I had to pause for a minute there, that is such a huge statement. I will be nearly there. This door will have closed, I will be loitering in the hallway of the flight, waiting for the next door to open up. Talk about a lifestyle change, it doesn’t get much bigger really does it?

Mum and Dad arrived back yesterday about lunchtime, by the time they had got home I had cleaned the kitchen, washed and dried the towels from the bathroom and had started Mum’s filing. After I had sorted it out, it only took an hour to do. It also all fitted into two folders, which she was surprised at. We decided that as she only gets a few things to put away each month, she needs to file them as soon as she brings them home, it won’t be so daunting now. Everything had been stuffed into a bag before.

I did the ironing in two shifts as there was so much of it. The first was watching ‘Batteries not Included’, which we hadn’t seen in years. Dad then went up for a sleep, I had been burning CDs and vaguely thinking about what to pack, I have started assembling things now. We’ve also decided that it would be easier for me to pack downstairs, as the chances of being able to get the case down fully loaded without injury or knocking something flying is impossible. I have also decided on 5 work outfits for the last 4 days I am working, and also what to wear over the weekend. I don’t want to have to iron anything else now, I don’t mind washing it, or even taking a few bits too wash at the other end, but with going to the gym, Tapas tomorrow night, out with work on Thursday, then my last day on Friday, up to London on Saturday, then packing and taking Mum to the cinema on Sunday, I don’t have either the time or the inclination on that front!

I am going to have some things to post back this week, not too much, just some paperwork and probably some shoes, which sounds daft, but I have things I need to carry with me and they can go another way. I sent Dan a CD two weeks ago of some songs that have been reminding me of him, and someone’s nicked it en route. When you send anything other than ‘Printed Matter’ you have to complete a little customs form, which handily tells the postal service what is in the parcel. So for the person who is listening to a little playlist of songs including ‘Babylon’, ‘All Through The Night’ and ‘You’ll Never Know (My Love)’ I hope you are enjoying them, although they will never mean as much to you as they do to me. You ar$ehole.

As I am travelling up earlier to get to the meeting, I am on the London Bridge train arrive around 8am. They are a right miserable bunch on here. No one is talking to each other, one guy has been picking his ear since he got on at Lewes (yum) and one is sitting on the aisle seat for a quick getaway in London, but keeps chuntering when people ask to sit next to him. So far three people have sat there, it’s quite funny. I am sat by the window; I watched the world go by while I had a cup of very hot Earl Grey tea, hence me knowing all about the behaviours of rabbits this morning. I did my make up on the train, and got my powder and blusher all over my trousers, thank goodness for wet wipes huh. I also have a lady standing behind me reading what I am typing, I hope she is finding it interesting.

I don’t have much else to report today really, I had a good weekend; I enjoyed having Monday off too, as it gave me more time with Mum and Dad. I am looking forward to this week, I have dyed my eyelashes, so I don’t have to wear mascara and look like a panda through all the tears that I am bound to shed through the week. For every sad one, I know there will be plenty of happy ones. I am lucky really, I just have to leave and start my new life, I am not the one that will have the gaping hole left behind which I am blessed to have been told will be happening for so many people.



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