All in all a 100% successful trip

Well folks, I have just surfaced from a Sunday siesta – my most favouritist sleep of the week. Prior to that I went to Sainsbugs and brought amongst other things, a jewellery roll (so for those of you who were hunting for one for me, you can cancel the search parties) for the pricely sum of £1. I had to ask a lady, there were no others on the shelf where I found it and no sticker. So felt a bit embarrassed when she said it was only that much, but there you go. It is very pink, quite grim, but it does the job for the flight.

Prior to Sainsbugs, I went to the gym, I had been driving back in mist/drizzle/torrential rain and quite bad traffic, and nearly talked myself out of it, but am glad I went now. Not least because I left my iPod headphones before, so had to do my programme on my own with out any coaching. Which I am proud to say; for the first time, also the first time in over a week, I completed, pushing myself really hard up the last climb *puff*. I staggered off the bike and went downstairs in the lift my legs we so wobbly, had a wallow in the jacuzzi, then a sauna and staggered to the shop.

The drive home apart from the weather was lovely, I was listening to Radio2, Michael Ball’s Sunday brunch took me most of the way, I then popped on an album which brought me into Eastbourne. I am going to miss the Radio over here, they have radio stations in Australia I know, but most are full of adverts which drives me potty. I know I can listen over the inter-web, but it’s not very green, marginally better than listening to the digital channels through your TV, but still not great (ironically I found this out on the radio in my car) so I will try not to if I can help it.
I started the day with great conversation with Becky and Barbara, her mum, over Eggs Benedict at Cafe Rouge, it doesn’t get better than that really. It was lovely to meet Barbara at last, we have been in contact previously, but saying goodbye to her was hard.

Becky had brought me a massage on the Saturday, which was lovely, I only snored twice. We chatted all afternoon, Mark was hungover from the night before so was a bit subdued as to be expected but we had a nice lunch sitting in their garden, the three of us guzzling orange juice like it was going out of fashion. In the evening, after the pair of them cooking lasagne and a salad, Mark met up with a friend he hadn’t seen in ages, leaving Becky and I to don our jim-jams and watch Hitch, which was terrific fun. We lay there eating Cherry Bakewells and drinking champagne, so the diet went on hold for 24 hours =D

While I was coming too after my massage, my stomach flipped over, I had another wave of ‘I’m nearly there/nearly leaving’. Which has left me with butterflies of excitement since then. I hope I am not too excited at work next week, I hope I am not too sad at work next week. Either way, I know at some points I am going to be a mess.

I am off to make myself some Nachos. It really is annoying when you order them at a restaurant, and think ‘I could have done better at home’. And no I am not sharing them with anyone, they are mine all mine, Mum and Dad get back tomorrow…


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