Sojourn in London

(I’ve probably spelt that wrong and as it’s in the header the spell check won’t pick it up, that is also dependant on my actually putting the thing on…)

Anyway, I have finished living at Julie’s and both house and cat sitting, Reggie and Ronnie, big black and white toms who chattered away to me in the mornings. I woke up a little early today, 6.30, so I could shower, pack and be out the house by the time the builders arrived, I have an overnight case on wheels that is absolutely groaning so I would have blocked the hall with it. But for some reason I didn’t sleep that well. I was having peculiar dreams anyway, but also had a midge squealing round by ears every so often. He’s done well out of me this week, I have bites on my legs, arm, some in my hair (how?) and 3 on my face. All of which are really bluddy itchy.

I don’t know if I described Julie’s house to you, but if I have then I am sorry. It is an old Victorian town house, you go in the front door, the lounge is on your left, down a half flight of stairs to the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is pretty much done, as is the little courtyard out the back, the dining room is plastered but full of builders stuff. The basement is also full of builders stuff. Back up to the hallway, you go up a half flight and a bedroom (used for storage at the mo) and the bathroom, also pretty much completed, but where they need water for the plastering it’s a bit sandy underfoot of a morning. Another half flight is Julie’s bedroom which is the whole of the front of the house, this had the windows replaced this week so looks like a war zone, I think Jules will be sleeping in the room I was in, which is up another half flight along with the last bedroom. So it’s a 4 bedroom, one of which will be a study, house that my Dad would love to move into now, building work going on around him or no.

I loved the week I have had up here, the later starts and catching up with Patrick, Caireen, Paul and my sleep has been exactly what I wanted and needed. I have also enjoyed watching Studio 60, as previously blogged about. I’ve missed going to the gym though, so will go in the morning. I am off to Becky’s house for the afternoon, overnight stay and to meet her mum for breakfast on the Sunday. I need to get back to Eastbourne on Sunday for Branston, as Mum and Dad are en France (again) at a kite festival. With Monday off for the Bank Holiday, I will also be able to start packing, if anyone has any ideas on packing then let me know – I am open to suggestions, siege packing is my normal mentality, but this week I only have one item that I didn’t wear and they were my gym trousers which I picked up by mistake, normally it’s half my case. However, as you know this time I need to take everything I own with me, or pay for it to be posted back as I will with some paperwork. Keep your fingers crossed and expect a few tears next week. I am almost into single digit days a mobile chuff-chart (my hands) and the twilight zone of a countdown.

I know leaving the country won’t hit me till I get into Duty Free: th, th, th, that’s all folks.


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