Hello Peeps

I have been housesitting this week and cat sitting, so what have I done? No paperwork, no blogging, nothing productive. I have read, slept and watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. To the point where I am now pining as I have no Matt, Danny, Jordan and Harriet fix now. Not good. Last night I watched Frankie & Johnny, but it didn’t help.

My name is Maddie, and I am addicted to Studio 60. Is it wrong to want to watch it again?? Why didn’t they commission another series, why do they churn out shite like Big Brother, but when a high quality, well written show appears on American TV they don’t do something with it? It’s not fair.

Anyhoo, I digress. I have installed a widget so I can see how many people I get look at the blog, and as 5 of you peeped at it yesterday, it should make me keep on top of wittering at you so you know what I am doing.

Brief rundown:

  1. I am excited
  2. I am nervous
  3. I am apprehensive
  4. I am also fed up about talking about emigrating
  5. I am not fed up about talking about Dan

Yes I know, it is huge. But as big as it is, it is not the only thing going on in my life. I have other fish to fry as it were. Some of which I can’t tell you, some of which I can. Some of which I wish would disappear, some of which I wish I could drag out and savour.

Like this lunchtime for instance. We went out to welcome the new PA, Xennya, and say Bon Voyage to our intern, Anju. We had good conversation, good food and I had Petermann’s beer. I am making the most of drinking things I know I won’t find easily in Australia. *hic* And this beer is lovely. It comes from the same people who make Stella, but unlike wife basher, it is tasty. Really tasty, it has a slight nutty flavour which I really like.

I had a burger, I always try not to have a burger when I go out for lunch or dinner, but because it should be meat and not much else, it is a safe bet for me to eat. Although the amount of funny looks I get for asking for just the burger, no bun, is quite incredible. People look at me like I am most peculiar – no comments on that one please!

I am into the final push of goodbyes now, with farewell ‘do’s lined up for tomorrow, next Thursday evening, Friday lunchtime, Saturday and Sunday. Then we are off to the airport, I am not taking bets on how much sleep I will get on the plane, but I am taking a sleeping tablet to see if that helps.

This will do for the minute, I do want to blog about other stuff I have been doing, but wanted this one to concentrate on emigration and stuff, although I did start off with Studio 60.


What do you think..?

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