Venting my spleen and other orifices

Oooh this country is making me mad. TB constantly compares the UK to other countries (especially Australia), but the service we have had from a variety of sources in the last couple of weeks is really driving us mad.

With the confusion of his flars and other birthday presents, spotty oiks at weekend jobs and the latest debacle with the company I wrote to below, as I said the worm has turned. I am not expecting anything other than a bog standard reply from the company I sent the letter to today, but we shall see what happens.

Anyway, I am typing this with bed socks on, comfy trousers and a rugby top. Alternating with blanket on and off, as I am going hot and cold at the moment – something I have eaten or drunk has gone right through me, but I will steer clear from all the gory details! I am hoping to go to work in the morning, but I will have to see how the night progresses.

TB is out at indoor nets, although he isn’t practising, more ‘meet and greet’ for the new players. So I have checked in with Aged P’s and the bears tonight, am watching Mapp & Lucia on DVD – sad lack of anything on the TV again and I’ve watched today’s Shaun the Sheep already. I keep yawning, so I think says as Pepys puts it ‘and so to bed.’ Night all.

What do you think..?

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