Home Shopping – Don’t p me off!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter dated 02 March, telling me that you have received my order, it has been processed and you expect to send me the products ordered.

Well thank goodness for that, because as it has been over a week since I sent the order form in, I was wondering what you were going to do with it. I was hoping that you would be able to just despatch my order, but after speaking to Kerry today, it appears that I will have to wait around 28 days for the order to reach me.

I live in Portsmouth, work in London and use mail order deliveries all the time for goods. It is amazing that the one thing I have been advised and recommended to get is taking so long. Next send me clothes, deliver flowers for friends and family all within 48 hours, and even Waitrose can get my shopping to me within 24 hours. Even the iPod that I ordered came from Sweden, engraved for me in 36 hours. Yet your company can’t ship me something from Kent to London in less than a month.

As I explained to Kerry on the phone, I have worked in Customer Service at a mail order clothing company. I know how long it takes to key in an order, send it to the warehouse, (I am assuming ‘the labels’ Kerry was referring to are for picking and despatching my parcel), and post it out. When there were lots of orders we used to assist in the warehouse to get them out the door the same day. It was only when I called this morning that I was told that what I had ordered had been out of stock, but they were now back in. She was very pleased to point this out to me. Had I not rung, would I have been told? Although with glee she pointed out that there were 1000s of customers and you were very busy. Apple, Next and Waitrose aren’t then?

I am sending you this as Kerry couldn’t really be bothered at all that I was chasing my order up, or that your lead time is ridiculously large. Please cancel my order, remove my name from your database, and everyone else you sell it to. I will take my order elsewhere. I don’t want any catalogues from The Times Shopping, or The Mirror or any of the other companies that are registered at the same address. Yes the internet is a wonderful tool; although you are loathe to publish any contact names for your company(ies) on it.

I am also sending you back the latest ‘Home Shopping Selections’ that you kindly sent me, although why you thought I would be interested in them from me ordering a back support I don’t know. Maybe because your customer profile is female, around 45 years of age, although my mother is older than that demographic and wouldn’t be interested in the waste of trees you sent me.

Yours sincerely

One thought on “Home Shopping – Don’t p me off!

  1. Very good! God if only more people in this country stood up to complain about the horrendous service here, than maybe retailers would feel like they actually have to earn their money by pleasing the majority of their customers. The world doesn’t owe them a living simply because they have chosen to set up shop!


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