Flars, tea-towels and other such girlie stuff

B at work gave me some daffs today, they are sat in a glass on my desk, already bursting into bloom. They are like sunflowers: happy, sunny and cheer you up looking at them – must be the yellow.

I love having flowers around me, although I am hopeless at growing things. When I was little I carefully went round Mum’s plants and watered them, I was following her though, so the poor things were drowned. I helped Grandad to weed, and left the weeds in and took out the flowers instead. TB gave me a grow your own Bonsai, according to the instructions it should be peeking through the soil by now, but not a hint of green can be seen thus far. I was given the job of looking after the plants in one of my previous jobs in the Civil Service. They got so bad the Office Commanding the Squadron one weekend went out, brought new ones and watered them himself, banning me from going anywhere near them. When I left, they gave me a caricature of me that had me swimming, with a bottle of red wine and wilted plants in the background. *sigh*

Mind you the herb seeds that we planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to show, the rocket is coming up first, I am trying to be encouraging to them by giving them motivational speeches on how they will be going to a good cause, namely our cooking. I am hoping that by using TB’s green fingered-ness (can you transfer it by osmosis?) we will have an abundance of basil, coriander, parsley, rocket and spring onions. Even though they are only planted in window boxes, we had plenty to go round last year.

We always have fresh flowers at home too, eating your dinner with tulips or freesias grinning at you on the table does cheer you up, especially as freesias smell so wonderful. (TB made a mental note and brought me home a huge bunch with freesias in for Valentines Day.) Unfortunately I can’t get my favourite wild flower via interflora, I really must get a pot and grow some, they are only tiny, but I love them: forget-me-nots. Again to me they are such happy, sunny flowers.

TB was asking me why we needed so many tea-towels the other day. How do I answer that one? It really is a girl thing. I said that I would take some out the kitchen drawer and put them away with the rest of the linenthen. Good job he wasn’t sat down – he would have fallen off his chair, his face was a picture. Apparently you only need 3, one in the drawer, one in use and one in the bloody wash! (This is better spoken rather loudly in an Aussie accent)

He was driving me to the station this morning, I realised that I couldn’t find my gloves, cue much muttering to myself as I retraced my steps from the office, to Bank, to the train, on the train, putting them on as he was stuck in traffic, taking them off in the car and so on. After asking me what I was talking about, asking me to speak up, I said that I was talking about my gloves, and trying to work out where they are. Basically I have no idea, and yes he said he does despair of me…

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