contemplating my navel…

I have been thinking, which is dangerous I know, but I was on the train on the way in this morning and wondered at the following:

  • Why is reading a paper so noisy when you can’t sit on the floor and spread it out?
  • If you are sitting on the floor reading a paper, why does your cat know exactly what paragraph you are reading when it sits or lies down on the paper and blinks at you?
  • Why does the volume on television never stay the same from programme to programme and especially when adverts start?
  • Why when you want to go to the cinema, is there never anything you want to see on, but you keep seeing trailers and good reviews of films that you want to watch?
  • How does drinking gallons of water make you need the loo less, but more thirsty?
  • Why can I remember whole passages of books, song lyrics, even scenes from a film, but can’t remember my phone number?
  • When it doesn’t matter how much filing I do, the pile never seems to shrink?
  • Why do the weather men/women/people get it so wrong, yet we still listen to what they say? It is supposed to be chucking it down today and really cold and windy, so I have scarf, brolly and gloves with me, but no sunglasses and I have had to pull the blind down so I can see my computer screen.
  • I seemed to have a really long shower this morning, but was ready to leave the house earlier than normal – time really is relative.
  • Why did all the guys in the Manchester office all wear pink shirts today, all blonde, shaven headed men, they looked like the three wise monkeys on the VC this morning!
  • Why does it always seem to be Monday, but never Friday…

On those notes I will leave you, I need to get some air, best I wrap up warm in case it rains…

What do you think..?

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