it’s the weekend!

So TB and I have been to a retail outlet outside the town. We looked at washing machines, DVD players, they were selling one for £18! Talk about a throw-away society, no wonder our land fill sites are filling up, as soon as anything breaks, we don’t fix it, we bin it and buy a new one. I am all for recycling, but what is the bloody point when you see prices like that on electrical goods?!

Anyway, we encountered some unbelievably bad service, an enormous amount of traffic, Portsmouth on a Saturday just grinds to a halt, especially with the football on, and lost an hour and a half staring at brake lights trying to get home.

We also went to Halfords as TB needed to buy an aerial for his car, I needed some new mats for mine and we thought as you can’t read our number plates, we ought to wash the cars too. (Sorry W, I know you detail yours religiously!) The guy on the till didn’t greet us, even ‘You a’right’ would have done as oppose to ‘Can I help you?’ which is what most people prefer. He shouted across us to know where Joe was as he needed to get off the till. Sorry to be a customer in your store, spending money and paying your wages. Joe was also most pissed off to be on the till, he was having far too much fun doing something else – God knows what, stacking paint cans or straightening windscreen wipers maybe.

Despite us standing next to each other, our purchases on the till, he only scanned what TB had carried over, ‘Are you together?’ uh, yes. So he had to void his transaction, much huffing and puffing, and start over. Then as I was carrying the car mats, I lifted them up and said ‘and these.’ And got glared at, wish I hadn’t bothered.

Why do spotty oiks bother working or doing anything constructive, it always seems such an effort for them. Everyone has their rights of passage shitty weekend job, but this generation really can’t be bothered to DO anything. You want to smack them into life sometimes, in Australia we went to the local supermarket a couple of times in Mooloolaba. Every time we got to the till we were greeted with a ‘Hello, did you find everything you needed?’ our bags were packed for us, and the cashiers talked and chatted happily. Still teenagers, still in their first jobs, but happy to be earning money. I think that is what the kids over here seem to forget, the world doesn’t owe them a living, it never has. It is why TB and I get up at 5.35 every weekday morning, because I earn a good wage in London, better than I ever could down here, he takes me to the station, then goes to work in a responsible job that he has worked hard for. My job is enabling me to live down here, with the man I love, in a city that is growing on me. Southsea is lovely, I am enjoying living by the sea again – and after everything that both have us have gone through to get to where we are, this life is not to be taken for granted.

What do you think..?

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