keeping it up

Having just typed that, you could take it in a different way to what I meant, but it made me giggle so I am going to leave it! :D

What I am referring to is the food and exercise plan. K at work said that she was ‘checking me out’ today, not in that sense, (she has just moved in with her boyfriend too) but she says that you can really see that I have lost weight now. Hurrah. o/

I must admit the diet is ridiculously easy to follow, in fact it probably isn’t dissimilar to the diet most people would have been eating years ago. (By diet I mean the word in its correct sense – what you eat.) Fresh, home cooked food, good quality protein, lots of veggies/salad and minimal carbs. I can’t say I am missing bread. I have had it a couple of times since the beginning of February, and blew up like Bloat the puffer fish in Finding Nemo every time. I have decided I simply can’t eat it. Not even wholemeal, it just ain’t worth the hassle.

To give you an idea of what we eat:

  • We buy organic where possible, buy fresh then freeze too, except frozen peas (although TB doesn’t eat them; as he said yesterday, it will be more comfortable for him if he breaks his nose again!)
  • Sweet potato as jackets with garlic mushrooms in a creamy sauce, cheese, huge green salad and red wine vinegar or mayo as a dressing.
  • Lamb chops, steaks, chicken, etc with broccoli, wilted spinach cooked with pine nuts or savoy cabbage, all vegetables are steamed as well.
  • Eggs (in various disguises) with smoked salmon, bacon, ham, sausages, fried tomato or mushrooms etc for breakfasts. During the week the breakfasts are smaller, I only have strangled eggs at work, TB will usually have an omlette, but at weekends we are tending to ‘brunch’ it.
  • Various cooked meats with or without salad, pate, cheeses, boiled eggs, tuna etc. for lunch
  • We are drinking gallons of water, green, herbal and Rooibos teas, decaf coffee, and are not missing fruit juice, fizzy drinks, and now we have introduce alcohol back in, are enjoying wine too. Although I enjoyed my wine a little too much last night – ahem.

So the ‘diet’ isn’t restrictive, you just need everything in the house and ready to go, otherwise you will nibble at something that you really shouldn’t. And my clothes are looser, I feel better in myself, generally I am sleeping better, and my skin is a lot better, although not this week.

I don’t know what weight I am aiming for, I think I’ll know when I get there, as I am so tall if I lose too much I run the risk of looking gaunt, which is the most unattractive look there is. But as I have said before, that pair of jeans in the cupboard will be my guide.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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