I was buying a bottle of water this morning, slightly too much red wine last night (but that is another post entirely), so got onto the train a bit later than normal. I had to sit opposite a man who was obviously a heavy smoker.

His hair stank. His clothes stank. When he yawned his breath was vile, his teeth yellow, fingertips yellow.

If I had been slightly more fragile, I probably would have barfed there and then. As it was, I couldn’t swap seats the train was too busy. I decided to snuggle down into my scarf instead, but am still feeling queasy over two hours later.

Apart from the health implications here, lets look at how much money you are burning every day feeding the habit. Then have a look at how much you sodding well smell?! I have worked in pubs, I had to have to shower when I got home, even at 1 in the morning, because I reeked. I am sick of it, smelling it on other people, having to air my coat everytime I go out, (as I can’t afford to dry-clean it everytime) having to air the bedding if we just go to bed without having a shower, holding my breath when I walk past people in the street, the cloud of smoke that clings to peoples clothes when they get on the train and most of all people smoking in restaurants. Roll on 01 July, it cannot come soon enough.

One thought on “gross!

  1. Ah Mad One, a girl after my own heart!!! I can sympathise with exactly how you felt. There is a bloke at work who smokes and absolutely stinks and when he comes in the kitchen we have to evacuate – I just don’t know how anybody can put their bodies through all of that. I pity the poor sods that must have to sit near him as well – honestly he stinks, I mean REALLY stinks… It’s gross.


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