The flat is in ship-shape shape…

…and hard work it was too. Trying to take notes in the meeting this morning was really hurting my arm.

Despite me sleeping for over 24 hours, much to the amusement of TB, we practically cleared the to-do list:

  • new fan in the bathroom
  • front door fixed
  • 6 loads of washing, 4 loads of tumbling, ironed and put away
  • mattress flipped, bedding changed
  • the ‘drawer of doom’ (only can be said in a Scottish accent) is looking healthier as the majority of our filing is done
  • the whole flat was dusted and hoovered, including behind the couches
  • the shelves were tidied
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaned
  • computer area was gutted and tidied
  • pictures framed and hung
  • herbs and salad were planted in the huge, palatial garden
  • shoe rack is in situ

and so on. When we went to bed last night, it looked like a flat again, not a store cupboard. So we were right chuffed with the work that we had done. I also found time to read the papers, cook a dinner, TB made a pavolva, and we both stuffed ourselves silly on takeaway Chinese on Friday for his birthday. So although it was busy, we both enjoyed the weekend, and are looking forward to living there – clutter free.

What do you think..?

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