Birthday Boy – TB gets old

Talk about a disaster.

Ordered one present at the beginnng of the week on 1-3 day delivery, didn’t arrive.
Ordered another present, that arrived but was broken.
Ordered flowers for a bit of a laugh and a ‘I love you, wish I was with you’ at work, didn’t arrive.

We don’t do cards to each other, so everything I thought about, planned and tried to get to him failed. I felt awful, especially as I came home to candles, flowers and a carpet picnic with champagne on my birthday.

TB keeps saying that it is the thought that counts, but if everything had a) arrived and b) been in one piece I would feel better about it all.

Still listening to the answer machine to a message from his brother and niece. There is nothing like a 2.5 year old bellowing ‘Happy Birthday!’ at you from Melbourne to put a smile on your face.

Happy Birthday Babe.

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