A snoring commuter >:(

What the hell do you do with one that snores so loudly I can hear it over my iPod, and everyone in the carriage is muttering about. The person who sat next to him nudged him, and everyone around him talked REALLY LOUDLY about how noisy he is. But no one woke him up and said, pack it in, you are disturbing 30odd people.

How British are we? We complain to our friends and family about all and sundry, yet when it comes to actually doing something constructive, we chunter under our breath and funk it. Last time I sat behind him, I was kicking him gently under the seat, enough to make him change position, but not enough to wake him up.

Does that make me un-British, snoring intolerant or just a beetch who if you wake me up before I am ready, get outta my way!

Probably the latter, I pity TB at times – I am such a grumpy mare when I am tired.

On that front: I thought I looked pretty good this morning, shows how much I know – everyone in the office has commentated on how tired I look today. Why do I bother with war-paint? Because I look like the ghost of Christmas past without it, maybe I should go au natural tomorrow, bed head and all. That would make them realise that me in colour is a better version than the black and white one…

One thought on “A snoring commuter >:(

  1. You crack me up! Very much miss you at Changaholics Annonymous…. And that is one of the British traits that annoys me, the complaining only to non-relevant people. ;o)


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