Filing beetch

It is a good job in my little world I like paper shuffling, and also probably a good job I do it for a living. I have just filed away a small rainforest this morning, 14 lever arch files in all, it took hours. I am off to get me a coffee in celebration, then I can get the presentation done I have been given this afternoon. Such an exciting life I lead!

The men I look after, bless them, don’t always know what to do with me. I get asked ‘Is it ok if you do the filing?’ er, yes. That is after all why you hired me…

Having piles of stuff here, there and everywhere drives me potty. Although the arguments I used to have with Aged Parent’s over the state of my room would contradict this; I can remember emptying my Grandparent’s kitchen cupboards and shed to tidy them away ‘properly’ and usually right before AP’s wanted to go home too! The flat looks like a bomb has gone off in it, and although the majority of stuff has its place; we are still learning how to live with each other, consequently there is an inordinate amount of clutter that needs to be tidied. So this weekend has been pencilled in for general tidy up – so that we start next week in ‘Ship shape shape’.

What do you think..?

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