St Valentine’s Day…

…is among us once again. No doubt there will be lots of panicky men running around M&S and the like, buying up flowers that have doubled in price overnight, chocolates (which won’t go down well 6 weeks into the ‘New Year’s’ diet) and crappy, fluffy toys which will get looked at once then forgotten.

I have always been a firm believer that romance is a year round thing, I don’t need the card manufacturers to heap more pressure on us, especially when most cards aren’t recycled, in the name of love. It should be something that you show daily to many people, and not just your partner. Smile and say please and thank you to the person behind the counter at Starbucks/Tesco or whoever serves you during the day. Even if they are having a bad day, keep at it. The woman in Boots today was perched on her stool behind the till like a discontented budgie. When I said thank you and smiled goodbye to her, she sat up straighter and grinned back at me. Suddenly her face was no longer like a bag of spanners, but beautiful, and she greeted the person behind me with the same smile. Looking over my shoulder, he too was smiling back. I set off a little chain-reaction, just by being polite. Ain’t life grand?

One of my favourite quotes this year I have already forwarded on to practically everyone I know:

“Love is my decision to make your problem my concern.” – Robert Schuller

I don’t ring you, email you or visit to play referee, hear the latest gossip about someone or generally have a moaning session, although being able to talk about anything is something I cherish with you. I have worked hard for all my friends, especially over the past two years – I have found out exactly who they are. I maintain our relationship as best as I can because I want you in my life, and hope you feel the same way. Like everyone else there are times when I don’t call often enough, but you know me well enough to call me instead to check in on me.

St Valentine’s day according to Wikipedia makes quite interesting reading. But next year, or even now, start spreading the love a different way – smile.

What do you think..?

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