Have been good so far…

The Boyf and I have been on the ‘Idiot Proof Diet’ from India Knight and Neris Thomas. For 9 days now we have been on a high protein, low carb, kick-start similar to Atkins. Buying the food in and making sure we don’t run out of it has been hard, ditto making up lunches (and for me breakfast) the night before. Getting up at 5.35 every week day doesn’t make for bright thinking at that time, so we both need to be prepared.

A typical night involves TB coming home, cooking or prepping the evening meal, collecting me from the station (too cold, dark and bloody horrible for me to walk home yet), me coming in gabbling about my day, sitting down for dinner, talking a bit more. Washing up, getting clothes ready for the morning, shower then bed. What an exciting life we lead!

However, the tale of the tape measure is showing definite shrinkage, and the baggy jeans (that were quite tight) are now getting baggy again. We have both been grumpy on this, TB is missing biscuits and ‘proper’ coffee and I would have killed for a glass of red wine on Friday. We are trying not to weigh ourselves more than once a week, but the scales are in the bathroom and it is very tempting to have a quick peek at how we are doing. Every Sunday is ‘weigh in and measure’ night, TB has even created a spreadsheet so that we can see on a graph how we are doing. Quite reassuring to see lines going down the page :D

Looking forward to next week when the diet becomes slightly less restrictive, but also looking forward to wearing a pair of jeans I brought last year, without running the risk of taking someone’s eye out with the waistband button if I sneeze…

What do you think..?

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